MAT's second and last album "Ayrılık Üçlemesi" is now online.

MAT's second album "Ayrılık Üçlemesi" is a concept album consisting of three songs, Kendimi Tekrar Edemem, Beklemek Zor Değil and Uzak Dur Benden, all songs about ending relationships. Ayrılık Üçlemesi is also MAT's last album making it an end to a relationship all by itself. What really makes the album different from the first one is that throught all the recording process, the main goal was to capture a faithful representation of the band's live performance. For this purpose, vocals were recorded live and simultaneously with other instruments.

MAT's latest and last video "Gibi Gibi" is now online. Gibi Gibi (lyrics and music by Barış Manço) is also the latest video from MAT's first album in 2007.

After releasing a short album consisting of three songs, MAT will cease its activities indefinitely. Take care.

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on brah... is updated with a new design.

A new rehearsal and recording studio is up and running at Yosun Music to be used in MAT's new recording project and in Yosun Music's production of soundtracks and jingles.

'Feel like a Star' as heard in THY ads is a song produced by Yosun Music, written and composed by MAT and sung by Fatih. Although we knew that the song would be our most heard as the ad had record number of copies for theaters and was broadcasted for TV in 70 countries including Turkey, we weren't expecting this kind of interest in the song, thank you all.